SD to SD Card Extension Cable
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SD to SD Card Extension Cable

Extension Available: The cable is 46cm in White and 44cm in Black ,make it possible that you extend the card slot out of computer desk or car navigation to the place which is easy to use.No need to worry about the some difficulties in insert the SD Card to update maps or copy files.
Quickly Recognized: This SD extension cables would allows the SD cable extender for card to be recognized SD extension quickly.And the read speed will not changed,make quick information recognition reliable.
Wide-range of Compatibility - Designed for GPS,3D Printer,Raspberry Pi,TV,,SanDisk SDHC / SanDisk SDXC /Arduino / DVD / DVR / LED / LCD screen or Smartphone etc.
How to install : Insert SD card in the SD slot of your device ,and connect the other port to SD reader, which convert SD card information to be display in SD reader. SD extension ribbon cable recognize cards larger than 32GB(128MB TO 64GB) easily.
Need to Know Before Purchase : If you do not plug the extend card out from SD card reader ,you need to restart the device for information updated when the next tine use.The SD Extension Cable Card Read doesn't support hot-plugging.

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