USB Wall Charger(2 Pack)
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USB Wall Charger(2 Pack)

✨Smart Charging Technology: It can automatically identifies connected devices and their unique charging requirements. Every port of the USB wall charger delivers exactly the right amount of power to match your devices needs.
✨Voltage/Current Indicator:Directly shows the Voltage/Current at that time to see if your device is charging in a healthy and safe condition.You can alter between Voltage/Current,just to press the bottom.
✨12 Safe Guarantee: 12 types of Multi-safety protect system and premium grade circuitry ensures complete protection for you and your device.Such as fire proof shell and over-current, over-charge, over-heat protection.UL Certified: The USb Wall Charger tested by the most authoritative Underwriters Laboratories institute and Reaches the most rigorous safety standards.
✨Dual Charging Ports : Dual USB output with total current 5V 2.4A and input with 100-240V enables you to charge two mobile devices simultaneously at high speed, Maximum output 3A(Does not support Quick Charge).
✨Universal Compatibility : Compatible with electronic devices and models, from iPhone, Samsung, HTC Nexus, blackberries, Bluetooth speaker headsets to iPads and power banks.Using Voltage Range the international standard voltage among 100-240V,you can use it anywhere.

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