lipstick mould set
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lipstick mould set

✿Reusable Material - Adopting soft silicon material, environmental protection, durability, washable, can be used repeatedly. It enhances the production efficiency of lipstick and does not damage lipstick.
✿Easy Operation - High gloss and fine grinding, easy to eject of the lipstick.You can modulate colors you like, assuring the ingredients safe.And very easy to operate for its fewer parts, which would be convenient to carry for you anytime anywhere.
✿Perfect Choice - Lipstick is a fatal temptation for women, but lipstick color is difficult to meet their requirements. Now, with this DIY silicone mold, you can make lipstick by yourself, you can pick any color or fragrance you like and make it into any shape.
✿Cleaning Method Tips - After the abrasive tool reaches you, first take a proper amount of detergent with a cotton swab and carefully scrub it. After cleaning, rinse it off. Use a paper towel to absorb moisture. Soak it in oil for a day or a half, then wipe it with a cotton pad and wipe it several times, knowing that there is no black stain on the inner wall, even if the cleaning is successful.
✿Maintenace Note - Avoid contact with water, long-term contact with water is easy to oxidize and black. Ordinary oils do not work to clean the inner membrane. After the product is used for a period of time, the inner membrane will be covered with a layer of grease. When it is not bright, it can be wiped with oil thinner. However, it should be noted that alcohol and large oil thinner are flammable and need to avoid fire.

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