AAA rechargeable batteries nimh 1.2v 1100mah  12pack

AAA rechargeable batteries nimh 1.2v 1100mah 12pack

1. Quantity:12 Counts AAA 1100mAh Ni-MH rechargeable batteries + aaa Battery Organizer Storage box

2. Voltage: 1.2V

3. High performance: up to 1,200 rechargeable cycles

4. Batteries need to be fully charged before first use

5. Excellent charge/discharge performance, the batteries will keep a high quality after 3-5 times charge & discharge when used in the first time or long time no use

6. Longer life in the high drain devices than normal Alkaline batteries

7. AAA rechargeable batteries don't contain Hg/Cd/Pb, no pollution to the environment

8. Great for high power demand devices such as digital camera, children' toys and so on


12 pack AAA 1100mAh rechargeable batteries + aaa battery case holder

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