AA AAA Smart Battery Charger with 8-Pack AA
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AA AAA Smart Battery Charger with 8-Pack AA

Package: Powerowl smart batteries charger with User Manual, 2100mAh AA rechargeable batteries (8-pack) size:13.9mm, not 14.1mm
Battery Charger: Powerowl USB charger suit all kinds of AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. (Do not charge alkaline or Lithium batteries) Use 5V/2A adapte to charge, 1000mAh AAA batteries need 3.33 hours to get full charge. 2100mAh AA batteries need 7 hours to get full charge.
Unique Protection: over-charge protection-automatically cut off when fully charged; short-circuit protection-automatically cut off when something is wrong.3 lighting indicators:the battery that can not be charged, the indicator light will flash;being charging, the battery is red;fully charged, the light is green
High Quality Batteries: Powerowl Batteries Passed the US UL certification, can be recharged over 1200 times and keep 70% power after non-use for 3 years.
Ergonomic Design: There is two notches on Powerowl charger so that to carry,White battery coating and black charger coating does not cause children and pet's attention.

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AA AAA Smart Battery Charger with 8-Pack AA
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