AA Rechargeable Batteries 2100mAh (8 pack)
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AA Rechargeable Batteries 2100mAh (8 pack)

Package: 8-Pack Powerowl 2100mAH AA rechargeable batteries (Universal Recharge)
Professional:Powerowl batteries passed UL certification of USA. each battery has been pro tested and coming with 20-30% pre-charged.
Charged times : Powerowl batteries can be recharged over 1200 times and keep 70% power after 3 years non-use.
Ergonomic design: The white battery coating does not attract pets and children’s attention.0.55*0.55*1.97 inch size,fit in most devices,Roku remotes,camera,flashlight,alarm clock
Eco-friendly: No Hg/Cd/Pb,Powerowl batteries are safety for environment.Also,White packaging does not cause children and pet's attention.

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AA Rechargeable Batteries 2100mAh
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