Monocular Telescope 12x50 High Power

Monocular Telescope 12x50 High Power

1.The scenery is more clearer: 12X50 High Power HD monocular telescope can improve the clarity of the image let the world is clear at a glance

2.The latest optics technology: BAK-4 Prism and all-optical face multi-layer broadband green film make High light transmittance reaches up to 99.5%

3.Easy to take high quality pictures:Equipped with 2 tripods,Phone Bluetooth Shutter and the latest cell phone adapter and to provides less

shake,more easy to take picture and video ,emancipate your hands and to see the more beautiful view through your phone

4.Waterproof, Anti-fog, dust-proof and shockproof design - Completely sealed prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the monocular

5.Durable to use: rubber coating protects the body from impact and wear

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