WOODWE Real Wood MacBook Skin for Mac | Natural Walnut | TOP ONLY
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WOODWE Real Wood MacBook Skin for Mac | Natural Walnut | TOP ONLY


> Ultra slim and light weight – Protection and style without the added bulkiness of other cases. Weighs only a few hundred grams so you won’t even notice the difference.

> Each skin / sticker is made from genuine wood skin with a unique grain and surface. Certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

> Simple Installation – Quick and easy text/video tutorial available. The two-piece design is removable but not reusable. All ports are 100% accessible, and ventilation is uncompromised.

> Made for MacBook 12 inch; MacBook Air 11, 13 inch; MacBook Pro 13, 15 inch with CD Drive or Retina Display + White Apple Logo or Touch Bar / ID or Retina Display + Thunderbolt.

> Adhesive – Wood back part is covered by a long-lasting adhesive made by 3M. No sticky residue left behind and it is safe to use. (Compliance is Certified by - UL (Underwriters laboratory) - UL 969.)

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