27 Pcs Precision Hand Drill Bits Set
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27 Pcs Precision Hand Drill Bits Set

●Pin vise hand drill set comes with 25 pcs twist drill bits, a hand drill and a mini carving clamp. A basic drilling tools must be provided for handicraft lovers
●9 SIZES: 25 pieces of different sizes of steel bits can meet your different needs. Drill Specifications: 0.5MM 0.6MM 1.0MM 1.2MM 1.5MM 1.8MM 2.0MM 2.35MM 3.0MM
●The Precision pin vise set, suitable for wood, plastic, resin, jewelry, craft carving, model making, walnut, amber, beeswax, olive nut, beads, acrylic and plastic, horn, olive, bodhi and other DIY projects that require precise holes to be drilled

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