White Noise Machine
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White Noise Machine

7 Smoothing Non-Looping Nature Sounds: The white noise machine Including 7 soothing nature sounds - white noise, howling wind, thunderstorm, ocean wave, rainforest, summer night, and lullaby, which can effectively block out loud and jarring interruptions, help you relax and stay asleep.
Convenient Auto-Off timer & Volume Control: Featuring 3 timer options - 30, 60 or 90 minutes, or allowing you to play the pleasant sound all night. Designed with rotating volume control knob instead of button to adjust sound volume to your desired level for a personalized sound environment.
Variety of Uses: Our sound machine not only can mask noise to improve sleep quality, but also is good for studying or working. Suitable for using at home, office, dormitory, baby nursery or any place you would like to give a peace of mind.
Personal Sleep Sound Machine: Equipped with 3.5mm headphone/earphone jack for you to listen privately in public without disturbing others. Helps you block out distractions and create a peaceful environment for sleep, relaxation, or concentration.
Auxiliary Charging: It is handy that this white noise machine contains a built-in USB output charger for convenient charging for your phone. (Note: Please connect it to a power adapter before charging your phone as PC or other lower powered USB port does not have enough power to work at the same time)

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