Fast Sling Puck Game
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Fast Sling Puck Game

FUNNY & EXCITING GAME-- This is an exciting sling puck game. Start the game, Place five pucks on each side of the board. The player uses an elastic rope to launch the ice hockey ball and pass through the goal. Then refill and shoot as soon as possible. Whoever clears all the hockey first will win. The back has a checkerboard to play chess too.
IMPROVE RESPONSIVENESS-- This is a fast-paced action game wooden fast sling puck game and chess are good for social and family entertainment. They can help children develop their imaginations, hand-eye coordination, creativity, independent thinking. It is very important for children's overall development and self-confidence, it also can keep the children's focus, keep them away from electronics.
HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL-- These wood board games are made of safe and non-toxic top-grade wood materials, with a smooth surface, no scratching at the edges and corners. Solid wood frame and wooden play pieces. More durable and environmentally friendly than other cheap materials, Beautiful and Long-lasting play.
IDEAL GIFT-- They are the perfect gifts for various occasions, such as a Christmas gift, children's party gift, birthday gift, classroom teaching, coffee table decor, and so on. It fit for kids (over 6 years old ) and adults.
WHAT ARE INCLUDE IN PACKAGE: 1x Board(22 x 11.8 x 0.98 inches), 10 x Pucks, 32x chesses, 4x elastic cords.

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