Dog bed(4 color can choose)
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Dog bed(4 color can choose)

【XXL Dog Bed for Large Dogs】: Dog bed for XXL outside measuring is 35.43'' x 29.53''x 7.87" and inside measuring is 27.5'' x 22.54'' x 3.94''. The XXL pet bed suitable for border collie, German shepherd, Dobermann, golden retriever, springer, keeshond, samoyed and all less than 55 lbs dogs.
【Soft & High-Quality Material】: Warm Thicken PP cotton provides your dog a warmer and more comfort sleep environment. The Waterproof and moistureproof dog bed provide a healthier, more quality sleeping environment for your dogs. Rectangle dog bed has super soft coral fleece even good for dogs with joint pain and arthritis or all age.
【Perfect for Dog Body Engineering】: 3-sided 7.87 inches pillow-like bolsters design fit all your pet’s sleep positions, it can avoid discomfort the next day caused by incorrect sleeping posture.High-quality Oxford cloth has perfect support for the dog bed, which can effectively prevent deformation and tough chew proof. Anti-slip bottom of high-density rubber dots prevent it from sliding easily.
【Easy to washable & care】: You can wash this dog bed easily by hand or machine. But machine washing needs attention:1.Gentle cycle. 2.Dry in the dryer directly and do not air dry. 3. Please use your hands to pat and shake the dog bed after drying, and wait for 1-2 days to recover back to fluffy status before using. Wash as little as possible.
【2020 Latest Rectangular Design】: The 2020 latest rectangular dog bed is very suitable in the corner of the bedroom. It provides enough security for the dog, makes it feel that it belongs to its own territory, and at the same time greatly saves space. It will bring great convenience and enjoyment to your loyal friend.If you have any problem, you can contract us all the time.

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