USB to Lighting magnetic cable
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USB to Lighting magnetic cable

(ORGANIZED) Organizing your cables has never been simpler or more addictive. This technology holds the cable in a neat and tidy shape while remaining fully functional and extendable.
(FUN) The oddly satisfying grab of the magnets is uniquely relaxing.Wind and unwind to reduce stress or craft unique designs by making your own snappy shape.Perfect for creative types or anyone looking to enjoy another fidgety experience.
(EFFICIENT) Save your time with high efficiency : charging fast any devices
(FASHIONABLE) These cables are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.The cables are fast charging, data transfer, and it is also compatible with wireless fast charging technology. Cables are also made to last. They are reinforced with flexible, protective silicone tubing and made with premium, high-grade materials.
(UNIVERSAL) Portable, compact and always organized..this magnetic charging cable snaps into place to keep your recharge routine clean and orderly.The dynamic coil technology spirals in a naturally tight bundle everytime keeping your cord ready to unwind for the next charge

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USB to Lighting Magnetic cable
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