"bistee wireless alarm system/ wireless alarm system"
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"bistee wireless alarm system/ wireless alarm system"

【Wireless Siren Alarm System】-The wireless siren alarm host can work with door window sensor, roller-shutter door sensor and remote controller. When important entry areas such as windows/doors are opened, the siren will make a 120dB alert and flash light continuously, it will remind you and your family that someone entering, and the deterrent alert will scare off some unexpected visitors. This can improve your home security.
【4 Mode Remote Control】-The remote control has 4 different mode: Arm, Disarm, Home mode and SOS. You can set the alarm system via the remote control easily. Under home mode, all the sensors are unavailable. If you go home late at night, you can disarm via the remote at first and then open the door. Then you will not disturb other family members or neighbors. And if elderly or children are in the event of threat or danger, just press SOS button to trigger an alarm to ask for help immediately.
【Unique Roller-shutter Door Sensor】-The wireless roller-shutter door sensor is designed to be fitted to rolling gates or windows. It comprises three parts: 1 detector, 1 magnet and 1 transmitter. This contact sensor will trigger alert when rolling gates or windows open. It is perfect for garage, warehouse, store, supermarket, etc.
【Expandable Security Alert】- You can build your own security alert system by pairing more sensors, push buttons or remote controllers. It is able to expand up to 20 sensors and 10 remote controllers to pair with a siren alarm host for complete coverage of your property.
【Easy To Install】-Our Home Siren Alarm System are very easy to install. The door and window sensors can be mounted with double-sided tape (included) or screws (included). Then secure the bracket into the wall and hang the siren host on the bracket. Now you can manage your home security freely! We will offer 12 months warranty and life time tech support. Any questions or suggestions, welcome to contact us anytime!

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