caregiver pager
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caregiver pager

NOT NEED TO YELL TO CATCH ATTENTION: Wireless caregiver pager the idea is both for the Caregiver and Patient/ Elderly/ Pregnant woman/ Children while calling for help at home. Like the kitchen/washing room where is enclosed and noisy can be installed separately. Make sure the Patient/Elderly's call can be heard.
SOS BUTTON IS IP55 WATERPROOF: Easy to use. It can be put in pocket or tied around neck as pendant (neck strap included). The operate range is 500ft in OPEN area. Signal can easily cross through metal doors or walls, ensures you will never miss a call for help. Note: The battery level will affect the signal receiving range.
5 LEVELS VOLUME & 58 MELODIES: BISTEE mini receiver features 58 chimes and 5 level adjustable volume(0 dB to 110 dB) to meet your needs for different occasions. LED indicators are suitable for the elderly and hearing impaired. Remembers your last melody and volume level after a power outage; no need to reset to your previous settings.

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