Oil brush for BBQ or grill  (Silicone) (One-piece)

Oil brush for BBQ or grill (Silicone) (One-piece)

Refuse embarrassment! One-Piece type can avoid embarrassment, like : the brush head might separate from the body while you cooking or grilling or any other situation, or dropping bristles on your food!
Odorless! Resist microbial and mildew ! Our silicone products are in compliance with food grade standards. This product is made of 100% silicone, good elasticity, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, high temperature resistance(230℃/446℉), resist freezing (-40℃/-104℉) or scratching.
Use: Baking (making cakes / breads,etc), Anointing oil or liquid on mold or food surface (waffle mold, snapper mold,etc)
More reason for choosing us? ① Our brush's distribution precision of brush hair after careful calculation, distribution is reasonable, evenly arranged, you can easily anoint the liquid, making anointing more simple and more efficient ! ② Silicone brush hair won't absorb liquid can save oil for you! ③ They are essential cooking or camping or picnic accessories.

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