organizer for toys, travel supplies, cosmetics
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organizer for toys, travel supplies, cosmetics

【Eco Friendly & Safe】Eco friendly biodegradable organic cotton produce bags are total food safe, and of zero waste. Each cotton drawstring bag has the potential to eliminate up to 1000 plastic bags over its lifetime. No toxic, no plastic pollution. Live eco-life and save our planet. Your little behavior may save a fish or a turtle from polluted living environment.
【Set of 8 】2 Large (17x11 inches) 2 Medium (13x11 inches) 2 Small (8 x 11 inches) 2 Hand bag with handles. Set of 8 with 4 different size meets your different uses. The small size bags works well for smaller items like mushrooms or brussels sprouts, 8 or 9 lemons or limes. The medium size is great for fruits like oranges, apples, onion etc., the large size is perfect for leafy greens like celery and lettuce. The hand bag with handles allows you finish shopping to take things home.
【Washable & Recyclable】 These cotton mesh produce bags are reused, recycled and reduce pollution. Due to the cotton mesh material, they are not easily frayed and have a strong double-stitched cord for improved strength and can be washed repeatedly. Simply put them in the washing machine or by hand, such as washing clothes, then remove them to dry and they will look like new. You can also wash your fruits or vegetables with mesh bags.
【Multi-Purpose】Foldable and can be small enough to put in your purse or backpack; Perfect for a trip to farmer's market, beach or picnic; Suitable for storing produce & bulk goods or as organizer for toys, travel supplies, cosmetics and many more.
【Practical Design& Packaging】Each bag can be closed perfectly by the drawstring so your items won't come out. In addition, these bags are packed in a exquisite designed and cube-shaped cardboard box for easier storage and moisture protection.You can also give it to your family and friends as a wonderful gift.

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