Kids Pull-Back Vehicle

Kids Pull-Back Vehicle

MATERIAL - Made of fabric and stuffing at the top, and the wheel base is heavier, the center of gravity is very low, making them less likely to tip over. The wheels also detach with a Velcro.The wheels under can be removed so you can wash the top.
WAY OF GO FORWARD - The pull-back-and-go mechanism is very strong and will make it go quite a good distance on wood and tile. If you push back, it will fast forward once you let it go.
SAFE FOR BABY - The soft and light top makes the car can go fast and further. Since they are soft, you don't have to worry about it bumps to your furniture, and kids can easily take them in hand. You also don't have to worry the hard car would hurt your baby.
GREAT INTERACTIVE - 4 Unique vehicles with Police Car, School Bus,Taxi,Ice Cream Car makes for great interactive play. Include .There is plenty to talk about: colors, names of the cars, and sizes.
MANY MERITS - Without batteries also can work well.Pretty, bright colors, and perfect size for their little hands! Highly recommended for toddle, and would make a great gift for birthday and Children's Day!

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