Permanent Vinyl Sticker Paper
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Permanent Vinyl Sticker Paper

BS Matte White Self Adhesive Blank Waterproof RC Photographic Paper for Inkjet Printers - 15 Sheets 8.5"x11"

Resin - Coated (RC) Paper - A resin-coated paper (also known as a “true photobase”) is a high-quality paper base that has been encapsulated in two thin layers of polyethylene. The back layer is clear; the surface layer is pigmented white to improve the brightness of the image.
Highly Durable Printable Sticker Paper - Create a sticker for any occasion & with a high life span! This thick matte sticker paper comes in a set of 20 white vinyl sheets - perfect for any of your projects
Compatible with both Inkjet and Laser printers - Works with all popular brand printers
Easy Release & No Residue - This printable sticker sheet can be removed without any sticky residue, keeping the surface clean. Moreover, the backing sheet is paper like with extremely adhesive,which allows that you can re-apply the vinyl sticker paper if not satisfied with the placement.
Easy to Use - you can create, print and cut to the size you want. Suitable to create your own signs, product labels, stickers for various purposes.

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