XQD Card Reader- CATECK
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XQD Card Reader- CATECK

【Professional XQD Card Reader】The USB 3.0 XQD card reader perfect support read and write Sony G/M series USB mark xqd cards, Lexar 2933x Lexar 1400x USB mark xqd cards. The interface is made of premium material which has been enhanced to make data transfer faster.
【Designed for Photographers】The USB 3.0 XQD card reader is designed for photographers, easily allows you to transfer large quantities of 4K videos and RAW images from our XQD card reader to your laptops/computers through USB 3.0 interface in just seconds, greatly improve your workflow and getting you back to camera asap.
【5 Gbps High-Speed Transmission】XQD card reader Leverages Super Speed USB 3.0 technology, max transfer speed up to 5 Gbps, 10x faster than USB 2.0. Max capacity for XQD is 2TB.

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