Shock Collar for Dogs
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Shock Collar for Dogs

【2019 LATEST VERSION DOG TRAINING COLLAR WITH UPGRADED DESIGN AND FUNCTION】The electric dog collar by RegeMoudal is featured with following functions: ①beep/vibrate/shock 3 training modes; ②1~16 level of shock and 1~8 level of vibrate stimulation; ③max to 1000ft remote control range; ④IPX7 waterproof; ⑤adjustable collar strap (max to 28in); ⑥long battery life.
【INNOVATIVE BLIND OPERATION WITH DESIGN PATENT】Beep/vibrate/shock button on remote control adopts blind operation which is designed to allow you to focus more on your pet. The e collar for dogs by RegeMoudal is designed by a professional team which focuses on and specializes in dog training. They put a lot of time and energy on R&D of dog collar every year. With our professionalism, premium product quality and responsive customer service, we are your best choice of a good dog bark collar.
【TRAIN UP TO 2 DOGS AT ONE TIME】The pet trainer by RegeMoudal can control up to two dogs at the same time by pairing two receivers. PLEASE KINDLY NOTE that if your purpose is for your pet’s obedience training and to build friendship, we are your ideal option. It's meaningless to train over 2 dogs at one time because it's hard for dogs to stay focused and the dog training collar with 9 dogs max is more to punish instead of train. That is not our original intention.
【LONG BATTERY LIFE/ SUITABLE FOR ALL SIZES OF DOGS】As for typical use per one charge, remote control can stay for 27 days and receiver 5. The charging cable (included in the package) is designed to charge receiver and remote at the same time. The collar strap can be extended as long as 28in. This dog training collar fits large, medium as well as small dogs.

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