water flosser
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water flosser

Generous Capacity: A high-volume 10oz reservoir that holds enough water for 90 seconds of continuous flossing, no need to constantly refill
Deep Cleaning for Teeth and Gums: Water pumps from the 360° rotating nozzle at a frequency of 1400 – 1800 times per minute to effectively clean between teeth & below the gum line
FDA Approved & Smart Features: Our flosser features an LCD battery indicator, non-slip silicone handle, improved leak-proof technique, cordless, and is FDA-approved
Quick & Easy Cleaning: IPX7 waterproof build and detachable water tank makes it fully washable and easy to maintain
3 Flossing Modes for the Whole Family: 30-110 Water Pressure PSI Range -- Normal mode for daily use, soft mode for sensitive teeth, gums & braces while pulse mode for massaging gums to improve blood flow

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