ABS Stimulator Abs Muscle Toner
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ABS Stimulator Abs Muscle Toner

THE PERFECT WEIGHT LOSS BELT FOR IMPRESSIVE RESULTS: When combined with healthy diet and exercise, this belt will help you strengthen abdominal, leg and arm muscles trim belly fat.
UNIQUE COMBINATION OF MODERN AND TRADITIONAL APPROACHES: EMS Bioelectrical magnetic wave technology merges with traditional Chinese acupuncture.
TRAINING YOUR ABDOMINAL MUSCLES ANYWHERE: Wear the ab burner belt at home or in the office. Improves tone and strength of ab muscles!
EFFECTIVE DESIGN FOR MEN AND WOMEN: for women and men, the ab toning belt gives you the results you want. Feel better. Look better.
IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL HEALTH AND APPEARANCE: Clear your meridians, improve circulation, and strengthen muscles. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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