toys for 6 year old boys
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toys for 6 year old boys

Child Friendly Design: Magic set for beginners, no prior magic needed with our magic starter kit. It is a fascinating & easy-to-learn starter kit for kids. Only our brands has detailed instructions, enough variety of tricks to guide children to learn. This is not available in other brands.
Wonderful Magic: Boys and girls alike enjoy surprising their friends and family with sleight of hand illusions. Magic bolsters confidence in kids so even the shyest child will come out of his or her shell to show off their new found skills. Children will wow their audiences and amaze even themselves, learning the great secrets of illusion with one of the most complete magic sets ever made.
75 Classic Magic Tricks: Includ mysterious levitating wand, mystical cups and balls, ball and vase, vanishing money, spiked coin, and more.
Best Gifts for Kids: Perfect gift for your young magician, as birthday gifts, new gifts, party favor gifts. Great for your kids to put on a magic show for their friends and family on birthday party. Also perfect for their talent shows at school.
Early Education: This magic kit set encourages your boys and girls to learn a bit of showmanship as well as he/she performs these tricks for people. It is an incredible boost to kids self-esteem. It comes with plenty of start up items to make a kid interested in magic quite happy.

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