Dryer Balls, Eco Friendly Laundry Balls

Dryer Balls, Eco Friendly Laundry Balls

⛅SOLID AND DURABLE: solid washing ball is made of high grade plastic, which is non toxic and unscented, laundry balls can be used in wash machine and are difficult to break, they’re more wear-resistant and durable than traditional hollow balls.
⛅CLEANER LAUNDRY: there are many little raised dots on each eco dryer ball, and they can increase the friction and make your clothes cleaner, since the dots are round and not sharp, dryer balls anti static won’t damage clothes and washer.
⛅POWERFUL AND HANDY: laundry washing balls are efficient to wash clothes, it’s anti static, prevents clothes from knotting and twining, they also come with the same function as wool dryer balls, that’s to make clothes downy and quick dry.
⛅ECONOMICAL AND PRACTICAL: organic laundry balls help you to save water and energy greatly, 20pcs colorful reusable dryer balls can be used for at least 3,000 times, they are compatible with washer and tumble dryer, and suitable for most of fabric.

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